We're New Skool Marketing and we're on a quest to bring 5,000 businesses up to speed with their SEO and Online Marketing in the next 3 years.

Who is New Skool Marketing?

New Skool Marketing is a top Search Engine Optimization company that helps businesses get found online. It’s a business that excels in helping businesses grow and scale on the Internet without having to rely on expensive paid ads from companies like google, facebook, youtube, etc.  

We have become one of the most trusted voices in the SEO community and our results speak for themselves.

Save Money on Advertising

What We Do:

We take all the technical mumbo-jumbo and guesswork and make it easy for all kinds of businesses to take their websites and web pages to the first page of the search engines or better.

New Skool Marketing can also help people who have had people attack them online with our Reputation Management SEO services. 

We also get businesses that are used to doing old-school media marketing up to speed with New Skool Marketing strategies with social media, sales funnels, and automated e-mail marketing campaigns.

Old School vs. New Skool

Why We Do It:

We’re on a quest to save businesses from the old-school mistakes in marketing that we once made. Why? We do it because we believe that businesses like yours can make the world a better place and we don’t like to see people with brilliant products and services struggle online. 

We also love what we do. We love people and it is rewarding when we see you succeed. Also, we are super grateful for you.

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New Skool SEO Betsy

From Our Founder, Betsy Burke

Yeah, I know I look like I’m 12 in that photo, but I’m actually old enough to remember doing professional web design since the dinosaur ages of the web back in the late 1990s with Netscape and that was AFTER I got my Bachelor’s degree. That’s when people could rank websites easily, but nowadays doing SEO is a highly complex specialized skillset that can take months of work with ongoing proprietary background tasks.



The story of how I started New Skool Marketing is on the first page of this website in case you were looking for that story here. I talk about how SEO has changed over the years and how only 2% of SEO experts, including myself, really understand it.


If you’re wondering about my background qualifications here are a few stats: Over 20 years (Yep…I’m older than 12! ) professional web, graphic, and multimedia design experience working with major household names including Nike, Disney, and Hasbro. I still do some contract and commissioned art for short term projects, but I mainly do SEO.  


Marketing Background: eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, copywriting, social media lead generation, paid advertising, WordPress design, web ad creation, landing page design, reputation management, e-mail marketing, and of course, SEO / SEM (Search Engine Optimization and Marketing). 



ClickFunnels Certified Partner 2017. 

Google Certified (see certificates shown in the graphic above).


See you at the Top…of the Search Engines!

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