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What is New School / New Skool Marketing?

New Skool Marketing or New School Marketing is an agency that specializes in SEO and digital marketing. We have been helping companies like yours get more ROI for their advertising dollar with our "new-school" online ads and search engine optimization. Our services also include google ads (SEM), web design, sales funnel design, email marketing, PR, and reputation management.

Let Me Show You Why Thousands of Online Businesses JUST LIKE YOURS Are Currently Abandoning Buying Old School Paid Ads...For New Skool Marketing SEO

From the Desk of Betsy B.
Founder and Owner of New Skool Marketing
(New School Marketing)
A Top Search Engine Optimization Company

Dear Friend,
This is not a sales letter…In fact it could actually lead ME to saving YOU a lot of money in advertising and help you to generate more revenue than you used to!

Here’s What This Is All About…

I’ve already been told by some of my digital internet marketing friends that I’m sort of crazy for revealing this, (BUT… this is actually how I get people to my personal business websites).

You see, I get hit up about a dozen times a day from people begging me to do their SEO (because they know that just ONE of my many proprietary methods could change their financial future forever)…yet my top SEO agency says “NO” to almost every one of them.

BUT…if you follow the instructions on the next page, there is a very good chance that I’ll actually be BEGGING to partner with YOU on creating a New Skool SEO strategy with your business…to get website traffic…

But before we get to that, let me explain something first.

The ONE Thing I Forgot To Tell You…

I almost didn’t share this… (for obvious reasons)…

But as you probably already know, I had a need to find traffic to my OWN personal online business sites…

And you may have noticed in the video above that 84% of people searching for your website do not go beyond the first page of the search results.

Also 75% of people searching for a keyword will only click on the first 3 results in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


In fact, not that long ago I started to do so well getting on the first page in the top three positions that people saw my success and started contacting me for internet marketing help.

I decided to give away many tips for free on my YouTube channel to help people, but that didn’t last long because jealous haters tried to shut my channel down.


So I decided to delete the videos and go underground because they didn’t like to see me reveal:

  • How to get leads with free traffic to your website…
  • How other marketers are RIPPING YOU OFF…
  • How most marketers are ruining your reputation…
  • How to contact your leads live as they come in
  • And a whole bunch more…

It took me over a 52 thousand dollars of personal investments and online marketing mistakes to get where I am in search engine optimization marketing.

Yet after over several YEARS of using those old-school free methods I began to observe things that were changing in search engine marketing and…

I realized that I hadn’t been doing ONE thing…


For YEARS I was doing things the old-school way which is how most web designers and agencies STILL do search engine optimization…

And yeah those old-school things worked okay…

But…instead of doing what everyone else was doing…the usual methods…I wondered what if there was something better?


And that’s where my journey to become a “New Skool” search engine marketing expert began.

Not just to see what type of SEO and digital marketing was working the best, but I wanted to know which SEO experts out there could outrank anyone…even for highly competitive keywords.

And in moving away from my old methods…I literally studied every SEO expert and tested every online marketing and SEO PROGRAM I could get my hands on…

And what happened next SHOCKED ME…

I took my best old-school practices that I had been using for years, and I put them against another website that another California SEO firm was bragging about and I couldn’t figure out how to get my website ranked in their #1 position on Google.


And sure enough…after a year of using the old things that I had relied on for years…I LOST TO MY COMPETITOR. 


Which was funny, because I realized that 98% of the search engine optimization services out there are STILL using the same old bad methods that I was using all those years.

And it made me think about how much money I had been missing out on.

(And reminds me how much YOUR current ad spend is probably costing you right now).

Now…I didn’t just give up there. I got SUPER OBSESSED and kept working on figuring out what they were doing.

So I literally spent months observing and studying all I could.

Then one day, while working out a plan to rank a completely new way, it hit me like a bolt of lightning…

I finally understood what both my competitor and Google were doing, and it really was different than how most people do SEO services.

  • Most just talk about backlinks and audits this and that.
  • Most are just spammers and their boss has no idea.
  • Many SEO companies promise fast rankings, but they don’t last.
  • It was the SAFEST way to rank things as most do things that can RUIN reputations.

But…would it always work?

That was the real question.

So I set up tests – and guess what happened…

ALL Of My Sites Got Stuck At #1 

Yep…and I did it without spending a DIME on PAID ads!

And the best part – this “New Skool” method survives Google algorithm changes. I figured out how Google thinks fairly quickly, while the other guys end up giving up and letting their rankings fall lower until they tank.


Now, my goal today is not to sell you on this “New Skool” search engine marketing concept…


It just works…plain and simple.

And I’m pretty sure that if you let myself and my team set up your website’s SEO to get it into shape…well, for the right company, it could seriously transform your website and your financial future.


For example, what I do is like taking a pilot (your website) who is used to flying in an “old-school” jet and I train that website [pilot] how to fly with “new-school” proprietary technology engines that use a top secret antigravity means to fly and 98% can’t pass it up because it is alien to them.


Now that’s REALLY Next Level New Skool SEO right?

Want my team and I to setup your SEO with you?

Now that you’ve seen what we can do for our clients generating website traffic if you want us to do the same thing for YOU, then apply for a free video consultation TODAY with one of our internet marketing consultants and let’s see how we can build a New Skool SEO Strategy for you!

Just click on the button below to start the free SEO consultation / digital marketing process. We also can set you up with full digital marketing campaigns and sales funnels to get you more leads and sales too while you’re waiting for your site to move up in the search results. 

Here’s What People Are Saying…

It’s No Hype…Our New School Digital Marketing Results Speak for Themselves.

We rank #1 for some of the most difficult keywords including ranking #1 in Google Maps in our local area for THE MOST highly competitive keyword in our niche, “SEO”.


Remember you reap what you sow. 

Who do you think you should work with?


Should you sow working with some “average” untrustworthy employee who has never made a dollar online and reap “average” results?




Should you sow working with an elite top seo agency with integrity like New Skool Marketing and reap the BEST results?

top seo agency
#1 in Google Maps for “SEO” in the 8th largest city in the U.S.A.!

You are just one click away from dominating your competition.

Your complimentary digital marketing consultation will show you where your site stacks up amongst your competition and more.
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