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What is SEO…
And Why Does Your Business Need It?
Dear Friend,

Welcome to New Skool Marketing! 
If you’ve never heard of us before 
you’re probably wondering,




Am I right?  

What is SEO?
Watch This Quick Video Now!
Let Me Show You Why Thousands of Online Businesses
Are Currently Abandoning Buying Google Ads Traffic 
(a.k.a. visitors to their sites) and Switching to New Skool SEO.
But first, let me give you a short description that will easily explain what SEO is … and why YOU need it.
Did you know that when you buy ads based on a keyword search term from Google you can spend more than $36 for a single click to your website? 
And what happens is, people will click on your ad for $36 and, they might not even buy from you

But…when more people keep clicking on that link, they will make $36 over and over and before you know it…
Yes, after 1000 clicks, you will lose $36,000!
Well, that’s good for them, but not you. Right?

But, what is the point, and what does it have to do with you?

Well, if you’re like most people who have something to sell online, you have a website, but no visitors (traffic) to your site…well, without traffic…it’s like you have no gas in your car!

But, just like buying ads, even if people are buying them, oftentimes your advertising costs will be so high that you’ll be losing money and not making enough sales to cover it.

And that’s when you realize that if you want to make it on the Internet you can’t just rely on buying expensive ads.

You need to do what Google did and generate your own traffic.

But instead of having to pay more for their ads…

…you can hire New Skool Marketing so your website will get the best real estate on the internet by ranking near the top where the ads are on the first search results page…

Then instead of your business having a net loss, you’ll eventually have a better chance at a net gain.  

And while you’re probably not going to burn a hole in your wallet and never do expensive ads anymore…with SEO, you’ll have the potential to have your site stick at #1 and save you EVEN MORE in advertising costs…
You have seen ads work for other companies like Google and Facebook to make money, but now you know with New Skool SEO, it will work for you.

So your website will stay on the front page or even at the top by their ads…

And the bottom line is, you won’t need to pay for ads anymore or have to learn how to get traffic because we get you the traffic!

Driving your site to the top positions near the ads is what we call “SEO” and it’s what we are #1 rated at for many search terms.

SO, What Type of Business Is This For?
It works for any kind of business including service type businesses, consultants, authors, speakers, coaches, lawyers, brick and mortar mom and pop stores, doctors offices, online eCommerce, car dealerships, big corporations, and moreSEO will work for you.

I don’t care if you’ve got a site about supplements, physical products or own a real offline store, SEO will get your website noticed.

Getting found on the front page of Google online is just like you bought a nice piece of real estate where everyone can see your business on a common busy street.

If you have a business, our New Skool Marketing SEO methods can work for you!
And we are the only Digital Marketing SEO company that will give you…
Everything you need to get your website ranking on the front page or at the top of the search results!  
If you’ve tried in the past to learn traffic and lead generation on your own or you’ve used those cheap companies that have outsourced to countries that devalue the dollar…  

those other guys use old school shady methods that can ruin your reputation FOREVER and your site might not rank for very long because they will send the wrong things to your website and they don't know enough about surviving Google updates or our proprietary New Skool secret and SAFE SEO methods…

So I want you to check out these testimonials from people who will show you how much better your business can become when you start working with New Skool Marketing:
"New Skool Marketing is one of the best at SEO there is, and I’m not joking because I’m highly experienced at it myself and I know they do it the safest way that won’t ruin your reputation." — Paul Heitman, Golden Search Advantage
"New Skool Marketing stands above the crowd with their expertise in knowing just the right SEO "dials" to turn for their clients. " 
— John Sulhoff, Bluefire Seo

So, What's The Catch...?
There is NO catch. We're going to give you a website evaluation for FREE because we know that after you see what we do you are going to love it!

Is There A Guarantee?
We guarantee that you'll be happy with New Skool Marketing, and if you’re ever not satisfied for any reason and you don't want to have us rank your site anymore, then you can get your payments stopped at any time...without any hassle or hidden fees. We don't force anyone into long-term contracts so you stop or restart as you please.

What's Next?
The next step is getting your details so we can point you to the right information. Click on the button below, get your FREE evaluation, and then we will send your details as soon as we can!    

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for watching the short video and I look forward to going over your details soon!


Betsy Burke
Founder of New Skool Marketing

8 Reasons Why Our Clients Have Set Their Expectations Higher By Ditching Old School SEO Agencies

The Old-School SEO Way:

When you try an old-school agency, they...
  • Claim to be safe, but they use irrelevant backlinks.
  • Claim they do SEO fast and for less, but everything is unsafe.
  • Create bad spammy links to your site that you can't delete.
  • Ruin your reputation because they are amateurs.
  • Get you ranked, but no relevant traffic comes in.
  • Sometimes get you booted off of Google's search completely.
  • Don't really know how to outrank top ranking sites.
  • Don't know what to do when Google's algorithm changes.

The New-School SEO Way:

When you work with New Skool Marketing...
  • We do proprietary safe methods which are more than relevant.
  • We do SEO the best way to drive your site safely to the top.
  • You'll be impressed and love what we do to buff up your site.
  • Your company’s reputation will improve across the web.
  • When we rank you, mostly relevant traffic will come in.
  • We have been known to get sites to stay at #1 for months.
  • We can get sites to stay near or at the top of page 1 of Google.
  • Google will naturally love your site because of what we’ll do to it.
Our Simple 5 Step Success Formula:
1. You fill out the free video consultation application form.
2. We get back to you with your free website video consultation.
3. You decide if you want SEO and you respond to our email.
4. We give you a quote and you decide to proceed.
5. We beef up your site so it ranks on page 1 or at the #1 spot.
You are just one click away from dominating your competition.
Your Complimentary SEO Website Consultation will show you where your site stacks up amongst your competition and more.

If your application passes, we'll give you the information needed to get started with us.
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